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The purpose of this letter is to try and contact all those who have the last name Pourchot.


Hello, my name is Eddie Pourchot and I make my home in Santa Fe, Texas. I am presently doing some research on the Pourchot name and its origin along with trying to locate every Pourchot household. The name Pourchot is not a common name so there is a very good possibility we are related in some way.


With help from my son and his computer we have made a list of Pourchots that presently reside in Indiana, California, Texas, Illinois, Florida, Virginia, Alaska, British Columbia, Quebec, and Wisconsin. So I need your help in trying to determine which Pourchot family line you were born or married into.


My research has determined that my immediate family line began with my great grandfather August Pourchot's migration from France to Mexico in the early 1860's. He was a soldier in the French Army forces that Napoleon had sent to Mexico at that time to try and take control of that country. They were unsuccessful and many of the French soldiers never returned to France. Grandfather Pourchot was among those who did not. Instead he made his way into Texas where he eventually married and fathered three sons, Theodore, George, Frank and two daughters, Amelia and Maggie. Frank Pourchot was my grandfather.


The only information I have about August Pourchot's life prior to his journey here is that he was born in a small village near Paris, France. I do not know if he bad brothers that came to the United States or Canada starting additional family lines. So with a history of your family line, I could easily determine if more than one Pourchot migrated from France. Your help with information about our Pourchot families would be greatly appreciated. Above is my mailing address and phone number. I will look forward to hearing from you.


God Bless You,


Eddie Pourchot, Jr.



We are going to have a Pourchot family reunion on November 6th. I would like to see you there and will send additional information upon request.